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After years of waiting, Dante’s Cove is set to return to TV screens in late fall 2011! A press release from here! TV reveals that they are in production of Dante’s Cove: The Book of Tresum. here! TV Executive Vice President and General Manager Eric Feldman said, “We are most excited to announce the return […]

It’s been three years since the here! TV original series produced a new episode. Over that time rumors have persisted about a fourth season. Here! itself issued a press release over a year ago saying there would be a fourth season, but to date nothing has come to fruition. In the interim, the campy and […]

It seems that here! has given us a scrying task for season four! Newly published art on the official Dante’s Cove Web site may at first seem straight forward. But how many faces do you see? Three? Four? Eight? Who do you see? Are you sure you see who think you do?

The Dante Beacon is thrilled to announce that we have received an official press release from here! TV and Regent Media regarding season four of Dante’s Cove. The series will go into season four production later this year on 10 (yes 10) new episodes. Click more below for the full press release.

In December, Charlie David hosted a phone chat session with fans. He touched briefly on the subject of Dante’s Cove season four, indicating that little information was available. He said that the network had intended to present firm plans for the new season come January.

Gregory Michael reported in a phone chat with fans on May 18, 2008 that scripts for season 4 have been written and were being tweaked. However, production of the new episodes may be delayed due to a potential industry strike. He teased that if you liked the previous seasons of Dante’s Cove you will “love, I mean love, love season 4!”