Charlie David with Book of Tresum Script[/caption]Charlie David with Book of Tresum Script[/caption]On November 17, 2011, here! Networks posted a picture of Charlie David holding a Dante’s Cove: The Book of Tresum script on their Facebook page! Does this mean Charlie will be in the reboot of Dante’s Cove? Only time will tell. Here! has […]

Here! TV is running a promotion on their Facebook page that if you “like” the page and they reach 2000 likes, they will reveal a huge secret about the return of Dante’s Cove. Speculation continues about the upcoming fall 2011 premiere of Dante’s Cove: The Book of Tresum and where the story begins and who […]

After years of waiting, Dante’s Cove is set to return to TV screens in late fall 2011! A press release from here! TV reveals that they are in production of Dante’s Cove: The Book of Tresum. here! TV Executive Vice President and General Manager Eric Feldman said, “We are most excited to announce the return […]

It’s been three years since the here! TV original series produced a new episode. Over that time rumors have persisted about a fourth season. Here! itself issued a press release over a year ago saying there would be a fourth season, but to date nothing has come to fruition. In the interim, the campy and […]

While there hasn’t been any progress on the production of a fourth season of Dante’s Cove since it was announced last year by here! Networks, Charlie David sure does still look super sexy and cute with the scruffy and hairy look. Charlie mentioned on his Facebook page in March 2010 that season four still had […]

It seems that here! has given us a scrying task for season four! Newly published art on the official Dante’s Cove Web site may at first seem straight forward. But how many faces do you see? Three? Four? Eight? Who do you see? Are you sure you see who think you do?